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From actual homeowners who sold their houses to Local Honest Homebuyers.  


Paul sold his Erlanger home to Local Honest Homebuyer fast for cash

“My situation was tough, because of the condition of the house…simple, honest, easy.”

Sandy sold her Newport properties fast to Local Honest Homebuyer

“Very nice, honest man. I’m very happy with you.”

Diane sold her Western Hills home to Garth at Local Honest Homebuyer

“Garth made me feel comfortable…if you need your house sold fast, go to Garth.”

Mike sold his Elsmere house to Local Honest Homebuyer

“We both made a wonderful deal and I’m on my way to the bank to cash my check!”

Braylen sold his Newport house fast for cash to Local Honest Homebuyer

“If you’re looking to get rid of a house, Garth is a really good pick. He’ll sell your house faster than MLS.”

Glenn sold his house fast to Local Honest Homebuyer

“Garth takes a personal interest in people he works with. He treats them fairly and honestly… Honest, integrity, no B.S..”

Edward sold his Crescent Springs home fast for cash

“Quick, painless and as smooth as could be. Honesty, integrity and no B.S.”

Robert sold his Bellevue house fast to Local Honest Homebuyer

“Great to work with. Very professional. If you want it solved, call Garth.”

Ralph sold his Covington, KY home with Local Honest Homebuyer

“Really easy. Met my expectations, which was a pleasant surprise.”

Margie and Diana sold their home in Union to Local Honest Homebuyer

“You were honest with us. We appreciate what you did for us. We got out from underneath something we wanted to do because it was too much on us.”

Clyde sold his Covington KY home with Local Honest Homebuyer

“Fantastic to work with, easy going. Made me feel very comfortable. Honest, out-going, and took care of everything for me. No headaches.”

Kim sold her Elsmere fast to Local Honest Homebuyer

“It was very easy. They did everything they said they were going to do. They were very respectful, and it all went very smoothly.”

Angie sold her Newport house fast to Local Honest Homebuyer

“Garth is straightforward and honest. I would recommend Garth to anyone!”

Joey sold his Covington house fast to Local Honest Homebuyer

“They did exactly what they said they would do. Efficient. Honest. Integrity.”

Local Honest Homebuyer bought Sean'a Newport property fast for cash

“Honest, efficient, and professional. Absolutely trustworthy and follow through with everything they say they are doing to do.”

Local Honest Homebuyer helped Chad with his mother’s Florence home fast

“Sincere. Easy. Quick. Great company to work with. I highly recommend them.”

Local Honest Homebuyer helped Kristie with her Cincinnati home

“Local. Honest. Homebuyers. Did what they said they were going to do. Give them a chance, because they are honest and do what they say they are going to do.”

Kristie sold her Deer Park home fast for cash to Local Honest Homebuyer

“Very trustworthy, very dependable, got it done very quickly for us.”

Local Honest Homebuyer bought Chris's Cincinnati house for cash

We were happy with the way things have progressed with us.”

Local Honest Homebuyer helped Linda and Joe with their home in Warsaw, KY

Efficient. Quick. Honest. Within an hour, the deal was all done.”

Local Honest Homebuyer bought Christy's Covington home fast for cash

Very fair, quick and simple.”

Local Honest Homebuyer bought Barbara'a Independence house fast for cash

I had few interactions, they handled everything on their own.”

It was a relief. Took all the burden from me. It was a quick sale.”

Garth is, as he claims, an honest real estate buyer. He treated us fairly and with integrity. I would have no problem recommending him to anyone out there who finds themselves needing to liquidate a property quickly. – Ray C., Bellevue KY

“When my stepfather passed away it was not only sad but we then had to figure out what to do with his house.  Garth and Local Honest Homebuyer was amazing and we’d recommend them to anyone!” – Kelly H.,  Ft Thomas KY
“I used to own a business but the building had fallen into disrepair.  Garth and Local Honest Homebuyer was able to help me and for that,  I’ll always be grateful!”
Sylvia K., Cincinnati OH
“It was a pleasure working with Garth. He was friendly, professional. and his knowledge answering our questions & honestly made us comfortable working with him in making our decision to sell the property through his company.”
Cheryle M., Bellevue KY
“Garth, you were great and got me out of my house even though it wasn’t in good condition.  I am truly grateful and your mother should be proud because you are a good young man!”
Ann S., Bellevue KY
“Thank you, Garth, for helping me with my parents Covington KY home!  You were great to work with, helpful and honest! – Phyllis S., Covington KY
“Even though my investment property was in terrible shape, because of Garth at Local Honest Homebuyer,  I no longer own it. Thank you!” – Joe B., NKY
“Our lives changed and we didn’t want to own our rental property anymore and Local Honest Homebuyer was able to help us.
Jason G., Newport KY
“Even though we live in Miami, Garth bent over backward to help us with the home we no longer could own. Thank you!” – Carmen M.,  Miami FL
“I was going thru a tough time and needed help with my home and Garth was great. He’s a very good person so don’t think twice about working with him or his company!”.
Debra C., Newport KY
“I wanted to move back to where my family lives out West and Garth was honest and straight with me about what is best to do with my house. Thank you!” – Bonnie W.

“I relocated to Florida & needed to get from under the property that I had owned for the past 13 years.  With assistance from Local Honest Home buyers they removed my ongoing  frustration with  property management, fines, fees, etc… This process was hassle free & stress free.” – FaLisa W, Newport KY

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