Is it better to sell your house fast for cash or let it get foreclosed?

Hello and welcome to Local Honest Homebuyer. In this article we are discussing whether it’s better to sell your house fast for cash or get foreclosed by the bank, assuming you are in pre-foreclosure now.

Avoid Foreclosure

Well, maybe we are a little bit biased as we have helped countless property owners avoid foreclosure, and many times, at closing they leave with a check versus nothing.  

A pre-foreclosure is when you haven’t made payments to your house for a while, and the bank has begun the process of foreclosing. Now, banks don’t want to own your house, and that is why they’ll take a little time in hopes that you will become current with your payments. This isn’t a free pass per se, however, knowing this may take a little stress from you.  

So you will be notified when the pre-foreclosure goes to the next stage, and this is often when families call us for help. We have experienced home buyers that can help stop the foreclosure process by buying your house, and in doing so, bring your account current. You will still have lates on your credit but will avoid the foreclosure which will stay on your credit for 7 years.

You can let your house go into foreclosure, but honestly we couldn’t imagine a good reason why you wouldn’t call us first!  We will act really fast. So if your house or situation is causing you a great deal of stress, we may be able to take that stress away quickly while giving you a check at closing if you have equity in your home.

If you want to speak with a home buying team that is honest and local and who has helped countless families with the foreclosure process then call us at 859-549-4700 or fill our form, and we’ll help you right away. We buy houses fast and would love to help you, too!

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